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Rajasekaran Panchatcharam

Chief Product Officer

At Bahwan CyberTek, we envision a future where technology and intelligence revolutionize industry. Retina360 is our commitment to this vision, enhancing safety, sustainability, and efficiency - while improving lives and increasing customer satisfaction. It's not just maintenance; it's the future of industry, enabled.

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Asset management optimization

Optimizing asset management

How a prominent wind energy producer optimized their asset management in real-time.

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IoT devices are new oil rigs

Why IOT devices are the future of oil rigs

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself and the blog—I am Vancheeswar Balakrishnan (Vanchy).

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Get right data

How to get data right

Getting data right means transforming Data into ROI.

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Digitalizing wind farms

Applying predictive analytics to wind farms

As climate targets loom large, the wind industry added 93+ GW of new wind power capacity

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