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Transform E&P data management. Experience complete integration and visibility.


Vishwanathan S

Executive Vice President

Geodatafy comes as a much-needed data management solution to address challenges in data integration and transparency. The platform successfully merges traditional data management best practices with a modern modular application framework to provide world-class data integration and management competencies to our clients.

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Resolution time reduction

Reducing resolution time

How a drilling company reduced resolution time and standardized data ops across all rig sites.

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Choosing an IT partner for AI future

How to choose an IT partner in an AI-enabled future

Bill Gates once challenged OpenAI to train their AI model (GPT) to pass AP Bio

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IT investment insights for decision-making

If your IT investments are not generating insights for decision making, something is wrong. 

Research shows that worldwide IT spending is set to hit a total of USD 4.7 trillion in 2023

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Diversity & inclusion in business

The business case for diversity & inclusion is proven. What next?

This #InternationalWomensDay, I’m glad I’m not making a business case for Diversity and Inclusion

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