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Bahwan CyberTek is a global provider of digital transformation solutions. A trusted partner for over 2000+ customers, including Fortune 500 companies, we drive innovation through powerful technology solutions. With remarkable expertise in Predictive Analytics, Digital Experience, and Digital Supply Chain Management, Bahwan CyberTek equips companies for the future.


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Our Vision

To transform businesses through our powerful combination of specialized technology and innovative practices.

Our Mission

To help customers become agile, embrace disruption, and shape their business for the future.


Durgaprasad S

Co-founder, Director, Group CEO

BCT’s vision is to be a leader in the value-driven marketplace, empowering customers to be fit for future through innovation-driven leadership, pioneering solutions, optimizing processes, excel in AI deployments, delivering operational effectiveness and elevated customer experiences, positioning us as a transformative industry leader.

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