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ePay – Integrated Revenue Management

Cuecent ePay IRMS
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A centralized payment system for Government.

A government agency collecting revenues is responsible for ensuring that the citizens have the opportunity to make payments on time.
Traditional channels such as over-the-counter teller and traditional instruments such as cash, have not been able to keep up with the demands of citizens. The infrastructure required to handle the demands in a traditional way is expensive to set up and cumbersome to maintain.

To achieve seamless service consumption patterns, the revenue collecting agencies have adopted new channels such as internet, mobile, self-service machines such as ATM/Kiosks/IVR etc. These new channels also support non-cash payment options such as credit cards, direct debits, prepaid-cards and so on. Using new channels and new instruments have enabled faster revenue collections with less infrastructure requirements.

However, the modernization has brought many complexities in dealing with newer technologies. Service providers often have to navigate dozens of billing applications, customer information systems, and financial applications in order to get an accurate view of the customer. This complexity results from the array of applications used for different services, payment methods, and customer groups. In this environment, it is difficult for the service provider to get a good picture of the value—and profitability— that customers bring to the enterprise.

Integrated Revenue Collection System (IRCS) is a consolidated cashiering solution built on ePay payment framework and designed to be a centralized payment system / database for Governments to receive all types of revenue whether they are Taxes, Utilities, Permits, Fees and Fines etc. This solution provides a single convergent platform for service providers to manage revenue in real-time across any customer type, network, service, geography, and payment method.

ePay – Integrated Revenue Management offers the  following benefits

  • Unified and consolidate payments from various sources and channels giving the government complete control and visibility
  • Multi-channel and multi-payment offering for services giving utmost convenience to citizens to make their payments
  • Converging business systems to a single platform with the business agility to support multiple services, multiple business models, and multiple customer and partner relationships across networks, devices, and geographies
  • Consolidating revenue management solutions to an integrated platform, thereby reducing operational costs and gaining complete visibility of revenue data
  • Reducing total cost of ownership and enabling efficient business processes by providing prebuilt, open, standards-based integration to leading enterprise applications


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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.