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Cuecent Integrated Development Environment

Cuecent Integrated Development Environment (IDE) comes with the open source Eclipse technology framework which enables speeding up of Business Process development. Within the Eclipse platform, developers can easily switch from one perspective to another for orchestrating processes, sharing assets, consolidating application maintenance efforts and writing very little code. This helps improve productivity to a great extent and bring down costs.

Cuecent IDE comes with the following integrated components that allow for easy process modeling and development.

Cuecent BPMN - Process Modeler to orchestrate business processes.

Cuecent BPMN is a Business modeler tool that complies with standardized notation BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) for Business process. This helps business user / Domain experts to model their business processes using Graphical notation that can be easily understood by all business stakeholders and converted to execution process (Software code) by using standardized technique by IT.

Cuecent Rules – to define business rules and associate with Business Process.

Cuecent Rules can be defined to implement Business Rules of an organization and is associated with a Gateway. Companies need to repeatedly change business policies to meet the market needs. So, the rules change very dynamically, and having Rules Definition can help in implementing these changes faster, and reduce the time to market and cost of implementation.

Cuecent ebPAC - Service designer to develop services with very less code.

Cuecent ebPAC (enterprise business Process Automation and Collaboration) is a model driven software application development platform and part of CUECENT BPMS Gocloud suite. This platform is used for building services without writing code in any of the high level languages. Services are made up of workflows and they can be very simple or extremely complex.

Cuecent Forms Designer - Intuitive forms creation with XHTML, CSS and Java script to design User Interface components.

Cuecent Forms Designer is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) definition tool used to design customized, professional business forms to capture data and used at Human intervention tasks / steps involved in the business process. Cuecent Forms designer is the self-intuitive tool that allows business users to create forms with zero knowledge on coding.


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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.