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BPMS GoCloud

Cuecent BPMS
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Making Business Process Management Simple

BPMS GoCloud is a comprehensive Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) designed to automate and optimize complex system and human centric business processes engaging people, technology and processes across the value chain of organizations. Its powerful multi-tenant capability helps businesses easily create applications that are agile and cloud-ready.

BPMS GoCloud helps organizations to orchestrate, design, integrate, deploy, execute, monitor and optimize their critical business processes and operations.

Components of BPMS GoCloud

BPMS IDE – An Integrated Development Environment to design, develop and deploy processes, rule, services and forms

BPMS Runtime Engine - Process execution engine to administer, execute and monitor the business processes and services.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – SOA based Enterprise Service Bus providing a standards based interface for integrating disparate systems.

BPMS GoCloud helps organizations to achieve the following benefits

  • Manage the entire process lifecycle from design to implementation to optimization
  • BPMS IDE is built on the standard Eclipse platform – Ease of use
  • Drag and drop modeller for process orchestration and also for service building
  • Multitenant capability makes the application to be cloud ready
  • Deployment Manager eases the movement of processes across different environments
  • Enterprise user directory (LDAP) integration for BPM participants
  • 120+ reusable components to facilitate faster service development
  • Publish component as web services with different WS security options
  • Business rules can be independently designed
  • Web based business rule update dynamically
  • Multiple communication protocols and message types and formats support in ESB
  • Single platform to be used by Business as well as IT team – seamless interaction and collaboration


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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.