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BCT, with innovation and thought leadership as its core value, delivers sustainable value to customers. BCT adapts recent advances in technology with innovative thinking to business scenarios to provide its customers state-of-art solutions that allow them to be agile and future-ready.

BCT’s extensive research into developing products has resulted in four mature platform offerings that help organizations develop solutions for various business scenarios. The solutions developed using these platform offerings have helped organizations ranging from large governments, banks, manufacturers and Energy & utilities organizations achieve optimization, agility and productivity with with robust solutions.

BPMS GoCloud Suite

A comprehensive BPMS suite, BPMS GoCloud, helps organizations move to modular, flexible, change-ready IT implementations rather than static, monolithic solutions.

The three integrated components of BPMS GoCloud – IDE, BPMS Runtime and ESB helps organizations to orchestrate, design, integrate, deploy, execute, monitor and optimize their critical business processes and operations and make them cloud-ready.

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BCT's leading edge ePay platform deliver National Payment Systems that have helped large businesses transform into customer-centric organizations and governments move up the global rankings in terms of Human Development Index, Citizen Participation Index and overall eGov Maturity ratings. These solutions have enabled governments to achieve citizen delight, improved service delivery, transparency and inclusive growth.

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MTL NextGen

Moving oil rigs is a complex logistical activity. MTL (Move The Limit) NextGen not only plans the logistics activities at a strategic / tactical / execution level but also accommodates the continuous unforeseen events that impede the designed schedule through dynamic allocation of resources.

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BCT's RETINA is A powerful Real-Time Integrated Analytics Today, the top questions on the mind of every ‘C’ level executive in Manufacturing or E&U organizations are how can one reduce variability in their production process, enhance asset life, predict failures earlier, prevent unplanned maintenance, understand in-depth root causes of failure at multiple levels pinning to the lowest asset element, achieve optimal production efficiency, ensure supply chain is leveraged to the best limits and achieving all of the above in a cumulative fashion?

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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.