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Capture actionable feedback in real-time from your customers

DropThought (DT), a real-time feedback analytics solution integrated with a Machine Learning Analytics Platform, for deep text analytics and predictive analytics, which would help record and analyze what stakeholders are saying about the company, market, products and services. DropThought captures actionable feedback in real-time from visiting clients while they are engaged in the sessions; the application collects these private perceptions (with the utmost security) about your brand and helps you better understand stakeholders so that you can drive everything, from a better customer experience, to team integrity and growth.

DropThought also offers a proprietary deep text analytics engine, DeepThought, to extract actionable structured insights for businesses, from the text data. These insights are provided with highly intuitive visualization to get a better understanding of the large volumes of unstructured text data that businesses are struggling to analyze.

DropThought drives innovation and helps you to understand customers’ preferences, needs, trends, and wants by providing detailed insights on stakeholders’ views surrounding your products and services. This robust application helps you in safeguarding, if not developing, your brand image by detecting risks early, and reacting appropriately.

With the help of Dropthought, you can

  • Capture actionable feedback in real-time from visiting clients while they are engaged in the sessions
  • Improve customer retention by helping businesses resolve customer complaints in-the-moment
  • Grow customer loyalty by reducing negative word of mouth and improving online reputation ratings on platforms
  • Build a customer-centric culture by providing employees with recognition and reminders of their impact on customers’ experiences
  • Get real-time alerts on mobile phone and take quick action on client feedback through the DT Manager App (iOS and Google Play)
  • View trends on potential sales opportunities, quality of sessions etc. derived from comments provided by visiting clients (text analytics technology has been customized for briefing centers)
  • Have BYOD functionality to render the agenda on client devices (Phones, tablets, laptops/desktops)


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