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Cuecent ePay

Cuecent ePay
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Building Relationships. Simplifying Customer Payment Experience

ePay is a powerful and intelligent electronic payments suite that provides solutions ranging from payment aggregation, payment hub, revenue management to remittances and utility bill presentment and payments.

The solutions automate payment processing across a variety of beneficiaries, processing and enabling entities in order to deliver an integrated payment mechanism covering both payouts & collections.

Some of the largest governments and telecom companies handle their nation-wide payments and collections through this platform.

ePay offers the following benefits

  • Build and sustain long term customer relationships
  • Maximize business profitability by growing bill pay transactions at customer touch points
  • Reduce customer transaction and banks operational costs
  • Gain complete visibility and control on every payment transaction
  • Integrate seamlessly into the banks IT Infrastructure with a robust integration platform
  • Automate reconciliation, refunds, disputes & settlement handling


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