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Cuecent CueTrack

Cuecent CueTrack
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Manage your complaints efficiently; reduce your complaint life cycle and identify bottleneck in your complaint management process.

In today's highly competitive and growing market, creating value for the Citizens is the single most important objective of any Government and all their activities contribute towards creating this value. Competitive and regulatory pressures are forcing Governments to change the way they handle, manage, respond to, and report Citizens complaints.

To manage Citizens' complaints efficiently, BCT presents CueTrack - a Complaints Management System which comprehensively manages complaints and enhances Citizen satisfaction and business enhancement.

CueTrack offers the following

  • A workflow-based system that enables speedy and automated allocation, resolution, and notifications
  • "Debottleneck" your process with automated flow of complaints based on predefined SLAs and Organization structure resulting in upto 60% reduction in turnaround time
  • Mobile Enabled system that ensures high availability and visibility "Anytime, Anywhere"
  • Real-Time Alerts & Notifications for Citizens / Operational Management on the status of Complaints
  • Easy tracking of Service Level Agreements with facility for automatic escalations
  • Provides transparency of the entire complaint process - Get info on where the complaint is stuck or how long complaints are residing in a department?
  • Override facility for high priority complaints and follow up


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