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Power Generation

Power generation companies face the dual pressures of managing legacy assets while offsetting emissions by creating power from large-scale clean energy sources such as wind and solar. BCT understands that power generating companies should not only maintain and optimize the performance of aging infrastructure, but need to maintain and operate new technologies in the most efficient and productive way.

Power Transmission & Distribution

Power transmission companies need to continually monitor transmission congestion, fuel costs, generator availability and load growth and their impact on market prices in order to minimize risks and provide reliable services. At the same time, they need to manage construction, maintenance, and emergency work on a daily basis to ensure the 24x7 availability of mission-critical assets. To address these varied critical challenges, power transmission companies are making investments in innovative technologies that balance day-to-day operations while providing the thrust towards innovation.

In the area of Power distribution, there is a critical need for distribution assets to be fully operational and performing optimally, since even a single failure can cause service disruptions that cost millions of dollars in downtime as well as significant inconvenience for customers. While power distribution companies contend with the pressures to invest in new infrastructure to support renewable energy resources, they must also extend the life of existing assets. It is important to have a clear view of all assets to ensure uptime of power distribution networks. To balance these pressures, power distribution companies are investing in smart grid technologies to improve overall network reliability and energy efficiency.

Solutions for Power Generation

(Fossil power plants – Coal, Combined Cycle and Gas)

Heat Rate Degradation Advisor

Heat Rate Degradation Advisor is a powerful analytical solution that calculates thermodynamic-based equipment performance to provide deviation from design diagnostics on critical machinery, including turbines, compressors, boilers, and other production assets. The primary goal of this solution is to enable utility users to increase equipment reliability leading to enhanced plant availability. The solution tracks and identifies spikes in energy usage and reduction in throughput causing deterioration to your critical equipment performance, and plugs these faults in a proactive manner to increase the plant’s profitability.

PADO (Performance Analysis, Diagnostics, and Optimization)

PADO, with its powerful decision support system, improves the heat rate of coal, combined cycle and gas-fired power plants. It captures information from the plant’s control system to analyze, diagnose and optimize plant performance. PADO optimizes the plant performance by identifying and controlling critical parameters that cause efficiency deviations. It presents real-time and historical performance information to the entire power generating enterprise in a concise and timely manner. This guides the improvement of unit heat rate and root cause analysis of performance deficiencies in the plant.

Intelligent Alarm Analysis

The modern plant floor is spanned with many critical operating machines that operate continuously 24 x 7 x 365 performing specific tasks. Whenever abnormalities are noticed during the implementation of a particular process, it has to be reported to the floor operator instantly. This is a typical situation where intelligent monitoring systems come into play. They assist in identifying problems and alert human operators to make accurate decisions.

Intelligent Alarm Analysis provides ‘Process Alarms’ based on a combination of the following parameter deviations:

  • Increasing / decreasing trends
  • Critical conditions
  • Safety and hazard situations

Asset Fitness Center

Asset Fitness Center is a solution that helps Power generation companies minimize whole life cost of operations and maintenance. The solution consists of four components – Performance Indicators, Condition Monitoring, Root-cause Analysis and Active Truth Table to provide a 360° view of the equipment to make better informed decisions. The fitness monitored by the solution include Boiler Fitness – Mill, Boiler Pressure Part Assets, APH heater, FGD, SCR, Turbine Fitness - HP/ IP/ LP Turbine, Condenser Fitness, Feed Water Heater Fitness -HP/ LP, Pumps & Fans Fitness, Generator Fitness.

Solutions for Renewables

Renewable Energy Monitoring and Analytics Solution

This solution is designed for Operators, OEMs, and investors; this solution provides insights into turbine operations and wind farm performance.

Renewable Energy Monitoring and Analytics Solution for Operators

A predictive analytics solution that facilitates the monitoring and efficient management of wind turbines for optimal performance. The solution provides real-time information on operations of each turbine and the entire park, leading to accurate forecasting of WTG / BOP for the park with data-driven models.

This solution is designed to read information from SCADA systems or a Historian, and enables a 360° view & real-time insights of park operations to provide accurate operations assessment, Asset risk score computation, parameter deviations, performance degradation etc. The solution helps in preventing unexpected failures and unplanned maintenance.

Performance Advisor Solutions for Investors

An advanced analytics solution that is built on top of robust operational analytics framework provided by the monitoring and analytics solution, and integrates and analyzes various parameters from wind farms. The solution ensures that renewable power plants deliver their intended financial returns in a predictable manner as per the investment business case.

Solar-Park Operations and Visual Analytics (SOVA)

SOVA is an integration and analytics platform that collects, validates and processes data from multiple plant data sources and generates multi-parameter predictive models using statistical methods, AI techniques, evolutionary algorithms and constraint optimization tools.

SOVA is a robust and powerful analytics solution built exclusively to cater to the needs of the solar power industry. SOVA has the capability to integrate seamlessly in real-time with DCS / SCADA, EAM, ERP, and other enterprise applications to provide real-time monitoring, integrated visualization, performance analysis, asset monitoring and diagnostics, and preventive maintenance area information. It addresses the critical challenges of compliance management, asset management, module-level root-cause analysis along with weather monitoring and equipment condition data, identify deviations and alerts in a seamless way. It simultaneously improves the operational efficiency, maximizing the output from existing assets and reducing the risk of equipment breakdowns.

SOVA applies advanced weather, power and cloud imaging modeling technologies on the real-time gathered data and historical data to accurately forecast the availability of solar energy within the next 3 / 6 / 12 hours.

Solutions for T & D

IT / OT Integration

IT/OT alignment presents a step change in operational efficiency of T&D today and a foundational building block for the next generation utilities industry. Predictive Asset Analytics based on ‘Situational Intelligence’ is integrated and alerts are identified in real-time to provide asset risks and “What-If” scenarios with OT applications like Smart Meters, SCADA, Historian, and GIS with Business IT Applications ERP / DMS / OMS.

Predictive Analytics - Asset Health Index (AHI)

AHI is a predictive analytics solution that calculates the Asset Heath Index of T&D Assets by automating condition analysis and recommending suitable corrective actions on Asset Remaining to prevent failures and improve asset life. It provides interfaces to consolidate all asset-related data, coming from manual records, inspection reports, asset renewal, asset failure and asset planning.

Secondary Grid Distribution Analytics

Secondary Grid Distribution Analytics is an intelligent predictive analytics solution, which provides insights and analytics based on grids and data from sensors placed underground. The solution validates the sensor information with the ambience data and develops patterns for various seasons / days and predicts the stability of the various nodes in the distribution grid. It also provides alerts to the maintenance team on the overload / underload conditions of the cable with the exact location / faulty sensor.

Asset Management

As an IBM Software Value Plus Partner for MAXIMO, BCT offers development, implementation, upgrade, and maintenance of Enterprise Asset Management services for Power Generation and T&D companies. BCT’s EAM practice has a strong pool of domain / technical consultants in Plant Maintenance functional and technical domains. BCT has implemented MAXIMO Asset Management (integrated with Oracle/ SAPERP) in Generation and T&D. We have achieved real-time Integration of Plant Control systems-DCS / SCADA / Historian with EAM for implementing predictive analytics and asset optimization, FMEA and Root cause analysis in power plant operations. With several successful implementations in the area of Power Generation and T&D, BCT has become a key provider in the area of EAM Implementation.


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