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Oil & Gas

Increasing demand, growth in data volumes, crashing crude oil prices in the international markets due to higher supply, environmental hazards are some issues that Oil & Gas industry is grappling with today. Technology promises to bring a paradigm shift in addressing these challenges and the focus is to proactively detect problems and finding the right approach to address the current challenges. The need of the hour for the Oil & Gas industry is to analyze sustenance with long-term planning and risk management methods which will become new frontiers to differentiate in this competitive world.

Enterprises need to identify new assets for exploration while increasing production from existing and aging oil and gas fields that would produce lesser over of time. Globalization demands require enterprises to comply with cross-border regulations which require constant upgrade of systems and processes. Aging personnel pose another serious challenge in the form of knowledge capital retention and transfer, while businesses are placing a high priority on the safety and protection of personnel and the environment.

Challenges faced by the Oil & Gas Industry


The market has seen significant cuts to exploration and production budgets among some of the big oil and gas players. This will undoubtedly have an impact on oil supply. There has also been a supply-demand imbalance that has depressed global oil prices. The unconventional boom in North America has perpetuated a sharp volatility in oil prices. The Price fluctuation is specifically acute in developing product markets.

Operationally, Non-productive time caused by the delay in the movement of oil rigs and the failure of drilling equipment and logistical issues can lead to millions of dollars in incremental costs every year and is also one of the major contributors to the overall cost of drilling. A tab on nonproductive time along with real-time analysis with end to end tracking and visibility not only reduces operating costs but also helps to prevent major catastrophes. Real-time monitoring of data can reduce the overhead cost. Automated production control, condition monitoring and predictive/emergency shutdown systems are now basic requirements to prevent or mitigate catastrophic events and minimize the safety hazards. Mature assets with declining production need very efficient maintenance schedules to keep production profitable.


In the midstream Oil & Gas industry, pipelines which transport, crude oil and gas face threats of damages and leakages which can be caused by aging equipment, lack of adequate maintenance or even deliberate sabotage. For underground Oil & Gas pipelines, it is difficult to detect, locate and repair, damages and leakages that cause product loss and flow stoppage, resulting in environmental and financial damage. Existing technology for pipeline monitoring provides data which is most often historical and does not help workers to predict failures. It is important to bring together real-time data and advanced analytics in a comprehensive way to help quickly identify, locate and resolve problems.


The downstream Oil & Gas enterprises have the challenge of monitoring of the multiple fuel stations, their fuelling and billing operations. The companies need to manage fleet customers, contracts, and generate comprehensive reports on every aspect of the fuel stations activities. The head office needs to be able to centrally manage the filling station network, wet stock and Fleet contracts. The challenge is to get synchronous real-time data to make critical decisions.

BCT’s solution for Oil & Gas Industry

BCT addresses the IT needs of Oil & Gas Industry, coupled with deep technology and domain expertise. BCT offers intelligent, innovative and robust solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of Oil & Gas companies. BCT currently handles large, mission-critical applications for large oil and gas companies around the world delivering immense value, productivity and efficiency.

BCT helps Oil & Gas enterprise achieve superior performance by distilling business insights from data. When information flows seamlessly from Oil & Gas assets to operations, maintenance and trading systems, clients are empowered to streamline operations, and comply with regulations.

BCT’s IP based solution for Oil & Gas sector helps harness emerging technology, increase automation, and optimize processes. BCT’s solutions maximize the utilization of existing Oil & Gas assets, and Return on investment at greenfield projects. Our solution eliminate duplication of effort and mitigates business risk. Automated workflows between onshore and offshore processes enhance productivity while minimizing cost of operations.

BCT’s Oil and Gas solutions help you harness emerging technology, increase automation, and optimize processes. We maximize the utilization of existing oil and gas assets, and return on investment at greenfield projects. Our solutions eliminate duplication of effort and mitigate business risks. Automated workflows between onshore and offshore processes enhance productivity while minimizing cost of operations.


BCT’s IP led solutions for Oil & Gas Industry


RETINA is a real-time integrated predictive analytics platform that enables integration of real-time and other data sources, analyses the data, diagnoses the issues and provides smart and predictive information that enables management to take timely, well-informed and accurate decisions.


CueTrans is an Integrated Logistics & Transportation Solution that is designed to manage and optimize the end-to-end logistics process in the Oil & Gas industry.


CueTrack is a Complaint Management System which helps Oil Marketing Companies to track customer complaints/feedback and enhances customer satisfaction and increases revenue.


Well site Activity Monitoring

Using its powerful RETINA platform, BCT has developed the Well Site Activity Monitoring Solution that helps Oil & Gas companies to improve the safety and reliability of drilling operations. The solution acquires and analyzes real-time data from rigs to deliver improved operational effectiveness. RETINA has the capability to integrate a variety of data sources such as OPC, WITSML, WITS, LAS, MODBUS, XML, PRODML and CSV etc . It has the provision to rapidly build complex rules embedding Artificial Intelligence algorithms to enable high-end decision support process with dynamic KPI computation and visualization enabling analytics.

Integrated Logistics Management

BCT helps Oil & Gas Logistics companies to handle key challenges, improve process efficiencies, lower total cost of ownership, BCT offers a suite of niche solutions in Oil & Gas Logistics - CueTrans Suite, which handles Transport Management, Rig Move Optimization,Journey Management, IVMS ((In Vehicle Monitoring System) for real-time monitoring.

Asset Performance Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

For an asset-intensive industry like Oil & Gas, it is very important to increase the life of assets, plan shutdowns in advance, operate all the assets with as minimal human interference as possible and monitor all the assets in real-time to understand utilization and prevent breakdowns.

BCT helps enterprises to predict asset performance and health using key performance indicators (KPIs), to improve planning and maintenance activities. With a variety of real-time dashboards, organizations can monitor performance of assets, set targets and optimize resources. Using this solution, organizations can intelligently evaluate assets and enhance oil and gas operations, identify possible ways to reduce costs and mitigate risk.


Enterprise Asset Management

BCT has delivered many successful IT engagements in Enterprise Asset Management domain for the Oil Drilling and Exploration. Considering the challenges faced in the remote operations, BCT has delivered innovative solutions spanning across asset, work and supply chain management system. The solutions have been widely recognized and well received by the Oil & Gas user community. BCT Enterprise Asset Management division has the following three key offerings for the Oil & Gas industry such as Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions, Master Data Management and HSE Consulting.

Downstream & Retailing

Fuel Station Automation Solutions

BCT’s Fuel Station Automation Solutions offers complete integration between various elements of downstream fuel station operations leading to real-time monitoring and control of the pump station, refueling, customer movements, attendant efficiencies and connect all these elements to the corporate.

The solution includes components that handle Pump Automation, Fore Court Controller, Fuel Tank Automation, Auto Tank Guaging, Head Office Application, Vehicle Identification System and Customer Identification System.

Customer Complaint Management System

BCT’s CueTrack System helps the Oil Marketing Companies to track any customer complaints to closure thereby ensuring a smooth and efficient customer management and enhances the functioning of the downstream systems. This system enables better customer management, tracks customer loyalty and improves overall customer experience.


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