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Cuecent ILFS

Cuecent ILFS
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Transforms business licensing process from a regulatory bureaucratic process to a customer-centric one-stop service.

Globally, government departments work closely with various administration & authorities both internally & externally to strive and improve the services and facilities offered by them. These public entities are involved in planning and implementing development projects, as well as preparing laws and regulations, strategic plans and issuing commercial, industrial and service licenses in addition to all permits needed for those licenses. The role of these government agencies is to serve as a one-stop shop for processing trade licenses to carry out economic activities in the region.

ILFS is a license and trade management solution enabling governments to seamlessly offer license related services (new license application, renewals, cancellations and amendments) to its customers and at the same time manage the entire lifecycle of the license internally.

ILFS transforms your business licensing process from a regulatory bureaucratic process to a customer-centric one-stop service enabling businesses to enjoy convenient and significant savings of time and cost. ILFS brings about a major transformational mindset change, encouraging government agencies to deliver innovative, pro-enterprise and customercentric licensing solutions, through extensive collaboration rather than working in silos.

ILFS offers the following benefits

  • Maintain a single customer centric view - system would link and track all the licenses of the customer
  • Achieve complete integration with the external systems as well as back office systems including Accounting / financials system
  • Improve overall employee effectiveness; reduction of manual effort in preparing Licenses
  • Streamline internal communication, to increase efficiency and information sharing internally.
  • Reduce paperwork to the minimum in internal decision making as well as external communication.
  • Improve external communication with investors, other ministries/government entities, consumers.



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