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BCT has a strong presence in the eGovernment space and has played a pivotal role in large e-Government programs across multiple countries. Throughout our history, we have been at the forefront of public sector technology development and implementation of e-government solutions connecting governments and citizens and effecting greater collaboration between private and government agencies.

Cuecent Solutions

Under the Cuecent brand, BCT offers best-in-class governance solutions which promote efficiency, transparency and enable "smart governance". BCT's solutions for Governments have enabled some of the largest Governments in the Middle-East, India and USA to promote efficiency, transparency and offer anytime, anywhere services to their citizens, improve delivery efficiency, reduce costs and expand their revenue base.

BCT's unified electronic billing and payment platform, Cuecent ePay enables governments, service providers and payment enablers to come together on a single platform allowing citizens to make payments for government services in a seamless manner. Cuecent ePay-powered solutions are Payment Hub, Payment Aggregator, and Integrated Revenue Collection System.


BCT offers Government services in the areas of Consulting, Strategic Outsourcing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Portals, National Payment Solution, Business Licensing Solution, Connected Governance, Bank-office Management, Center of Excellence, Education Services, Citizen Contact Center, Bank-office Management

Citizen Contact Center

BCT’s Complaint Management System, CueTrack which comprehensively manages complaints and enhances customer satisfaction and business enhancement.


With governments looking to become more responsive to the needs of the citizens and achieve transparency in all their transactions, Government agencies are striving to maintain streamlined processes to deliver services to their citizens, as they extend their scope of work.

BCT's Government Consulting experience helps government agencies and advisory boards enhance their services with respect to revenue management, national security, educational systems, social welfare and licensing through Government IT Solutions.

Strategic Outsourcing

A government's value increasingly hinges upon its ability to respond rapidly to shifting demands in the environment. Government leaders recognize that one of the best ways to maintain flexibility is to simplify the adoption of new technologies. BCT's strategic outsourcing services address the following critical needs of governments:

  • To easily acquire state-of-the-art technology
  • To create collaborative, extended enterprises
  • To focus on core competencies – all of which help to meet the changing needs of constituents and taxpayers quickly and cost-effectively

As a part of BCT's strategic outsourcing services for Governmnets, we offer a complete gamut of Managed Services that provide immense value through:

  • Accountability and program management oversight throughout the program lifecycle
  • Dedicated line of business focused on IT Services coupled with leveraged and proven commercial practices
  • Innovative solutions through strategic partnerships with recognized leadership from both an applications and infrastructure perspective
  • Integrated proven practices through our standardized process, tools, and methodologies for deployment
  • Continued and long-term integrated relationships with local government
  • Customer satisfaction and client reference ability
  • Thought leadership, innovative solutions, and growing portfolio of existing and emerging technologies to accommodate client needs

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

With expectations and pressures on governments mounting, Governments are using technology to help increase efficiency, transparency and cut costs and ensure that welfare measures reach every corner of the state. A well-run government needs perfectly managed back office operations which form the backbone of the entire government machinery. ERP systems, while commonly implemented in the private sector, are a specialized area when it comes to governments. BCT’s experience implementing ERP for the government vertical, places it at the best position to ensure a robust ERP implementation for the highly complex government scenario. Here are some of the benefits that ERP can bring to governments:

  • Integrated encumbrance accounting and the simple ability to transfer funds, commit expenditures and obligate payments
  • Fund accounting functionality with on-demand inquiry of revenue management and financial performance
  • On-demand or real-time visibility to various products
  • Ensured fiscal accountability through internal controls, rules-based compliance measures and real time policy visibility
  • Facilitation of the ease and speed of producing and delivering quality reporting
  • Streamlined procurement processes which achieve process efficiencies and cost savings
  • Key performance indicators for defining, measuring, and communicating the economic, social, and political returns of government project or programs
  • Ubiquitous 'anytime, anywhere' access to real-time and secured information
  • Open and industry standard technology for standards based integration.


BCT has expertise in building vibrant portals for governments with rich functionality that combines information access and content distribution with collaboration and workflow management features. The functionality of the portal is further supplemented by Web 2.0 features and integration to social media which provides enhanced usage across the stakeholders.

Our experience with web portal development and portal maintenance covers multi-dimensional web portals, be it B2B (Business to Business) portals, B2C (Business to Consumer) portals, or e-commerce portals and SharePoint Portal Development, Job portal Development, CMS Entertainment Portal Development, Online commerce Portal & Payment Gateway Utility Bill Payment Portal and components for Government and Municipality bodies, Corporate Intranet Portals, Online Travel portal and ticketing, Knowledge Portal Development , e-commerce portals and SharePoint Portal Development.

National Payment Solution

The way people all over the world are paying their bills has changed! With research suggesting that about two-thirds of all bills are expected to be paid electronically by 2012, governments risk losing citizen loyalty if they do not have the necessary processing infrastructure to support their citizens preferred payment modes.

To address this imperative, BCT offers National Payment Solutions - unified electronic billing and payment platform enabling governments to design, build, deploy, and manage a collaborative epayment environment bringing together service providers and payment enablers on a single platform allowing customers to make payments for services in a seamless manner.

Business Licensing Solution

Business licensing reform and simplification is identified as an important component to foster and promote a pro-business environment. Governments can reap many benefits from this, such as attracting foreign direct investments, improving government regulation and monitoring, driving job creation, boosting the economy and enhancing government effectiveness. Businesses can also obtain their licenses faster, reduce operational cost and transact conveniently online, anytime.

BCT presents a Business Licensing Solution (BLS) – a one-stop solution meets all the licensing needs of businesses. Using BLS, businesses can enjoy faster approvals, cost savings and improved customer service. BLS offers integrated “Networked Government” service where businesses use a single streamlined form to apply, update, renew and terminate multiple licenses concurrently.

Connected Governance

Drawing from our vast experience in designing and implementing public sector technology solutions, BCT has created a connected governance platform that helps governments design, build, deploy and manage a collaborative environment that brings together various civil agencies and citizens on a single platform enabling public entities to operate more efficiently and provide a seamless service experience to its citizens. With our framework, public agencies will be able to employ multiple service delivery channels to disseminate information with citizens being able to access government services over the internet or telephone or at kiosks or citizen service centers.

BCT's fast and easily deployable eGovernance solutions help governments to reach out to the remotest regions quickly and hence bridging the gap and empowering the less privileged sections of society by providing opportunities to access information and services.

BCT has the capability to partner with Governments, Public Sector Entities such as Municipal Administration, Revenue Departments etc. to offer IT based Governance solutions that work for stakeholders.

Center of Excellence

BCT's commitment to education and empowering today's young professionals has resulted in BCT working in partnership with leading educational institutions to set up Cuecent Centers of Excellence (CoE) in professional institutions. The CoE is a shared-use educational and R&D facility serving the student community. These programs serve as a launch pad for professionals to get into meaningful and rewarding careers.

The CoE will help enhance the knowledge of the students in the application and advances of BPM and SOA and other emerging technologies. Cuecent CoE will enable lab setup, conduct various certification programs in Cuecent BPMS, and provide project sponsorships, research options and paper publications.

Education Services

BCT has been working very closely with Governments in the creation of knowledge workforce. BCT is contracted to recruit, support and manage teachers of various subjects in vocational and technical institutions, in support of the Ministry's vision of preparing the national labor force to meet the requirements of the comprehensive development in the country. The diverse communities of teachers are helping to further the technical and vocational education to that of international standards.

Our services in competency building are broadly focused towards national initiatives of the Government in the areas of Omanisation among public and private organizations, enhancing ICT skills capability and increasing ICT awareness within the government and the community. We have partnered with many reputed, world-class organizations and through them bring the best of competency building services that helps to build a knowledge workforce that would fuel the economic growth of the nations.

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Back-office Management

BCT’s experience in implementing ERP for the government vertical, places it at the best position to ensure a robust ERP implementation for the highly complex government scenario leading to streamlined operations, financial and logistics management.


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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.