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Utility Bill Payment & Presentment

Cuecent UBPP
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A centralized platform to manage Bill Presentment, Validation and Payment of utility bills.

With banking customers growing increasingly comfortable with the digital lifestyle, their expectations from financial service providers have undergone a significant transformation. They fully understand the power of technology and seek to leverage it to enjoy better control over
their utility bill payment operations. What bank need today is new generation electronic utility bill payment software built with robust security features that provide true relationship banking functionality. The need of the hour is for solution to meet not just current business requirement but also scalable and flexible to meet changing demands of the customer.

UBPP is a comprehensive Utility Bill Payment solution that enables thousands of financial institutions and hundreds of businesses to give their customers the convenience of receiving and paying their household bills online. UBPP’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for consumers and businesses to pay and view their bills, as well as maintain complete control over their financial activities with Utility Bill Payment Solution. 

UBPP provides consumers and businesses with timely, relevant information for each biller, such as recent and pending payments and biller Information.

UBPP offers the following benefits

  • Convenience of carrying out transactions while on-the-move, anytime, anywhere
  • Increased convenience through a secure, real time, and paperless transaction
  • Reduced theft, fraud and mismanagement
  • Improved Cross-Sell Framework
  • Robust Security
  • Efficient presentment that streamlines billing operations
  • Flexible service and support packages to support a variety of financial institution needs
  • Secure payments architecture that safeguards and monitors for transaction fraud


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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.