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Cuecent NGRTGS

Cuecent NGRTGS
Get a complete understanding of the transaction-oriented transformation of NGRTGS
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NGRTGS is a powerful, transaction-oriented transformation and validation solutions which can convert the existing RTGS or create NGRTGS messages in the prescribed format of RBI. It is an intelligent application which can accept the inputs in any format such as ISO 8583, XML, CSV, XLS, etc. and deliver validated NGRTGS messages to RBI. The application can be interfaced with core banking solutions for achieving straight through processing (STP).

NGRTGS settles around 3 lakhs transactions per day and is expected to cross 25 lakhs transaction within the next five years.

NGRTGS offers the following benefits

  • With zero manual intervention, high volumes of messages processed at very low maintenance cost
  • Easily handles huge volumes
  • NGRTGS Message Conversion cost is very low


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