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Cuecent Merchant Integration

BCT’s Cuecent Merchant Integration seamlessly integrates the banks’ service delivery network of merchants with its Internet Banking System which further links to the Core Banking System. It is based on a scalable architecture and provides support for multiple communication protocols and data format standards. This enables Banks to easily add new Merchants or Aggregators and helps integrate Merchants for delivering a unified and consistent experience to its customers across the entire service network.

Cuecent Merchant Integration offers the following benefits:

  • Maintain High Quality Services
  • Provides scalability
  • Supports complex message routing across multiple Merchants and back-end
  • Lower total cost of ownership by streamlining implementation and maintenance
  • Improves the bottom-line by significantly by reducing operating costs
  • Enhances value of existing technology investments
  • Monitors merchant-wise performance to understand customer behavior pattern across merchants
  • High and real-time performance


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