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Cuecent KYC (Know Your Customer)

KYC is a powerful workflow-based Customer Information Management Solution that enables banks to meet the KYC requirements and pro-actively protects banks and other financial institutions from the risk of fraud and other money laundering activities.

KYC is equipped with rich features and functionalities which help in capturing customer information, performs internal and external verifications and checks, and effectively manages this information throughout their lifecycle.

The solution integrates the KYC process with the Bank’s existing customer onboarding process to ensure faster customer onboarding and eliminate business risk by providing a 360o view of customer behavior. An important offshoot of KYC is the deep understanding it provides about customers through robust customer analytics, enabling effective cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for the Bank.

How does KYC help you?

  • Substantially reduces customer on-boarding time -Workflow driven solution reduces on-boarding time by performing automated checks and verifications while enabling 100% compliance
  • Helps you gain a holistic view of risk - A 360o view of the customer’s profile reduces operational risk and helps Banks understand customer preferences
  • Facilitates compliance
  • Protects against fraud
  • Enhances customer experience with the Bank through its extremely user-friendly self-service portal
  • Provides complete visibility and transparency to management into the Bank’s operations


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