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Cuecent Enterprise Service Bus

Cuecent ESB
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A standards-based intelligent ESB which is scalable, flexible, configurable and extensible.

A growing need among companies to establish closer relationship with customers, suppliers and other business partners has fuelled the demand for ESB technologies across the world.

The ESB platform establishes connectivity between multiple systems, thereby enabling communications across them. ESB offers a flexible IT model, which is essential for companies to be able to adapt to shifting market dynamics triggered by the competitive environment and faster product cycles.

BCT's ESB is a standards-based intelligent Enterprise Service Bus which provides a platform for seamless integration of data and enterprise applications within and beyond organizations in a scalable, flexible and reliable manner. ESB offers integration to improve business agility; and by smartly combining pieces of existing application functionality, allow the reuse of previous investments in applications and systems.

ESB enables organizations to establish a future-proof, flexible, and well-integrated IT landscape at the lowest cost.

ESB offers the following benefits

  • Improved customer service and business agility
  • Low inventory costs by improving return on assets
  • Provides access to real-time business information accurately and rapidly
  • Stimulates SOA Initiatives
  • Increase speed of enterprise application integration by up to 50%
  • Assures business continuity with high levels of reliability and availability


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