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Banking & Financial Solutions

Increased market demands, demanding customers, stringent regulatory compliance requirements and pressure from competition are forcing banks to constantly realign their operations in order to control costs, maintain profitability and ensure customer retention.

Banks often have disparate systems that exist in silos offering the Banks fragmented information and visibility of operations. BCT offers state-of-the art solutions for Banks to enable process agility, reduce costs, ensure regulatory compliance and achieve tight integration across the IT systems to gain a comprehensive and complete view of the Banking operations.

Cuecent Solutions

BPM Centric Platform

BCT's BFSI products and solutions are developed on BPMS GoCloud, a comprehensive Business Process Management suite enables banks to manage the entire lifecycle of complex system, document and human-centric business processes engaging people, technology and processes and integrate seamlessly with various 3rd party and legacy systems.

Remittance Platform

BCT's proven remittance platform, eRemit, fully automates the remittance processes of banks and exchange houses, and helps them adopt straight-through processing of cross-border remittance in order to facilitate speedy and hassle-free transactions for both remitters and the beneficiaries.

Payment Messages Router


BCT’s Payment Workflow Manager, SWIFT Router, helps banks to connect different financial networks and processes various incoming and outgoing payments.

Bill Presentment and Payment Solution

BCT's Utility Bill Presentment and Payment Solution, UBPP enables comprehensive bill presentment and payments for utilities such as electricity, telephone bill, water bills and other services through Banks. The solution enables banks to process electronic payments via channels such as Point of Sale and ATM’s and offer richer experience and convenience to their customers.


BCT’s New Generation RTGS System, NGRTGS is a powerful, transaction-oriented transformation and validation solution which help banks to convert the existing RTGS or create NGRTGS messages in the prescribed format of RBI. The solution has features such as advanced liquidity management, queue management, gridlock avoidance mechanism etc. and conforms to international standards and message formats.


BCT’s NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) Adaptor solution – A money transfer solution that handles all outward financial transactions between the core banking and other systems of the bank and the RBI server.


BCT’s Structured Financial Messaging System (SFMS), SFMS ensures that each transaction that flows through the Bank’s network is safe and protected from unauthorized intrusion.

Integration Solutions

BCT offers a spectrum of integration solutions covering areas such as Channel Management, Merchant Integration, Bill Presentment and Payments.

BCT's ESB is a standards-based intelligent Enterprise Service Bus which provides a platform for banks to integrate applications in a scalable, flexible, and reliable manner. ESB leverages leading-edge technologies to automate and optimize complex business processes allowing Banking and financial institutions to focus on accelerating change rather than on technology limitations.

Channel Management

BCT’s Integrated Channel Manager, ICM is a unified solution that support multichannel service delivery and infrastructure to provide a consistent banking experience to their customers through various channels - ATMs, IB, SMS, Call Centers and the internet. The solution is based on ESB and offers immense scalability to add new channels with ease and speed.

Merchant Integration

BCT’s Merchant Integration solution, Merchant Integration seamlessly integrates the banks’ service delivery network of merchants with its Internet Banking System which further links to the Core Banking System. This enables Banks to easily add new Merchants or Aggregators and helps integrate Merchants for delivering a unified and consistent experience to its customers across the entire service network.



Risk and Compliance Management

BCT offers a comprehensive range of risk and compliance management services which help firms’ gain maximum Return on Investments (RoI) from their current and planned spends in risk and compliance management.

BCT works in partnership with the world’s leaders in Risk Management Solutions, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (WKFS). The solutions assess the level of threat for the Bank in relation to customer impact and also monitor various types of transactions (ATM, Remote Banking, Wire/ACH Transfers, Deposits) conducted by internal and external resources across multiple channels.

Security Testing Services

BCT’s Security testing services use rigorous methodologies to enable banks to function with minimum disruption and zero defects. BCT’s security testing services addresses the testing needs of banks such as Application level Scrutiny Testing, Guidelines & Compliance Testing, Scrutiny & Certification, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing.

Application Development & Maintenance

BCT's Application development and Maintenance methodology, caters to the best of breed processes which helps in a successful on-time and above expected delivery. Stringent quality procedures clubbed with benchmarked practices and experienced delivery skills helps you get maximum returns on your IT spending.


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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.