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Leveraging deep industry expertise across key industries, BCT has gained the depth and breadth of expertise and experience working with over 500+ customers in 20 countries across North America, Middle East, Far East, Africa and Asia. With a number of mission-critical implementations across the world, BCT has acquired rich experience in developing and delivering solutions across its focus verticals – BFSI, Government, Energy & Utilities, SCM & Logistics and Life Sciences.

Learn more about the industries we serve, and how we serve them:

Banking & Financial Services

BFSIBCT has worked with Fortune 500 companies enabling them to optimize investments, enhance operational efficiencies, minimize risk and ensure sustained leadership. BCT offers state-of-the art niche solutions for banking and financial services institutions in the areas of Remittance, Channel Management, Integration Services and Bill Presentment and Payments.

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GovernmentBCT's solutions for Governments enable some of the largest Governments in the Middle-East, India and USA promoting efficiency, transparency, improving delivery efficiency, reducing costs and expanding their revenue base. These solutions range from nation-wide payments, Business Licensing, Citizen Services, Consulting, Strategic Outsourcing, Managed Services, Enterprise Resource Planning, Portals, National Payment Solution, Business Licensing Solution, Connected Governance, Center of Excellence, Consulting Services and National Contact Center.

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Oil & Gas

EUIncreasing demand, growth in data volumes, crashing crude oil prices in the international markets due to higher supply, environmental hazards are few issues that oil & gas industry is today grappling with. Technology promises to bring a paradigm shift in addressing these challenges. The focus is to be proactive in detecting obscure and hidden problems and finding the right approach to address the current challenges. The need of the hour for the oil & gas industry is to analyze sustenance with long-term risk management methods which will become new frontiers to differentiate in this competitive world.

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Life SciencesPower generation companies face the dual pressures of managing legacy assets while offsetting emissions by creating power from large-scale clean energy sources such as wind and solar. BCT understands that power generating companies should not only maintain and optimize the performance of aging infrastructure, but need to maintain and operate new technologies in the most efficient and productive way.

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SCM & Logistics

SCMBCT has a proven track record of helping organizations efficiently handle, streamline their logistics operations, improve business performance and process efficiencies while lowering their TCO.

BCT works closely with organizations to understand their business needs and provides best practices and solution accelerators to deliver tangible business results in the areas of Rig Optimization, In Vehicle Monitoring and Enterprise Resource Planning.

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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.