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BCT MySpace - A BPM Driven Solution

BCTMySpace is a BPM driven self-service portal developed using Cuecent BPMS launched to add immense value to a business proposition. The benefits of BPM driven application appeals to every IT Manager / organization and encourages immediate deployment.

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Transitioning Routine Offboarding Process - A BPM Approach

According to Aberdeen's 2013 onboarding and offboarding research, only 29 percent of organizations have a formal offboarding process in place today. This paper focuses on highlighting the problems associated with manual Offboarding and the need for automated process

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Bringing the Government Closer to the People

Any e-Government strategy aims to first increase the awareness levels of the people regarding the services offered by the Government and their rights as customers and also make it easier for the customers to influence and participate in design of Government policies and schemes.

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Exploits Web services, messaging middleware, intelligent routing, and transformation

An ESB is an architecture that exploits Web services, messaging middleware, intelligent routing, and transformation. It must support request/response communication between loosely coupled SOA business components and one-way message delivery for sending

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Global Delivery Model - Trusted Partner Model for Proven Engagement Success

An outsourcing relationship with BCT IT solutions and services is a special for a number of reasons. Unlike any other service partner in its position with in global Business – IT alignment complex, we are the best placed to understand IT from a pure business perspective...

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Redefine the IT outsourcing experience

CNXCoE composed of centralized body of knowledge, subject matter expertise, technology that utilizes a structured set of processes, procedures & activities that support high levels of efficient and effective performance.

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Application Development and Maintenance Service

Applications Development and Maintenance (ADM) plays a crucial role in running enterprises across the globe today. Business Differentiation, time-to-market and flexibility and operational are some the few trends that are presently driving Application Development market.

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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.