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Today's business environment is unpredictable and turbulent. Organizations are facing numerous challenges of effectively managing evolving business needs while maintaining operational excellence, growth and profitability...

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Business Process Modeling Notation

Every organization follows numerous process to carry out their various functions and ultimately satisfy their customers’ needs. They are constantly looking to document their business processes and make them better and more efficient by following best practices in the area of operation...

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Intelligent Business Process Management

Successful organizations are continuously working on improving their business processes to achieve more responsiveness, reduce their operational costs and improve profitability.

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Enterprise Business Automation and Collaboration

Business Process Modelling is becoming a higher priority for business managers and analysts as there is an increasing emphasis in organizations to document, understand and improve their business processes. Managers and business owners are realizing that operating their businesses...

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Forms Builder

The successful adoption of any software application rests with the interface it presents to the users. Designing a Graphical User Interface or GUI may appear simple and a side aspect of the application development process. While in is reality, the most important part of the whole system

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Enterprise Service Bus

A growing need among companies to establish closer relationship with customers, suppliers and other business partners is fast fuelling the demand for ESB technologies across the world. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a middleware component, which binds Service-Oriented Architecture...

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ePay - Payment Hub

As the world grows more integrated, the traditional barriers to business, such as geography and technology have also dissipated. With the popularity of electronic payments solutions, there has been an increase in demand for lower processing costs and better customer service...

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ePay - Aggregator

In recent times, governments have come under enormous pressure to do more as citizens are becoming increasingly sophisticated as a result of their experiences with improving service in the private sector. Even though governments have constraints on their revenue

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ePay - Integrated Revenue Management

Revenue authorities today, are faced with unprecedented demands to increase efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, the ups and downs of a global economy have decreased revenue collections and stretched their resources to the limit...

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Integrated Licensing Financial System

Business licensing reform and simplification is identified by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as an important component to foster and promote a pro-business environment. Governments can reap many benefits from this, such as attracting foreign direct investments

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