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As a product organization, we strongly believe that quality needs to be built into every aspect of our deliverables. In our journey to achieve "Quality-Service-Timeliness-Reliability", we have crossed several key milestones, such as the achievement of ISO 9001-2000 in July 2001, CMMi Level 4 assessment in Jan 2002, CMMi Maturity Level 5 assessment in September 2005 and CMMi Level 5 V 1.3 certification in March 2012.


Quality Management System

BCT has a comprehensive Quality Management System for managing software development across the organization. The quality processes ensure that the overall system is under control and effectively managed with best practices in all projects. The strength of system lies in the stringent central management of the processes by the Process Management Office (PMO), who constantly monitor and provide inputs that help maintain and improve the processes using clear procedures which meet international norms. This is supported by a set of tools backed by frequent cross-functional audits and a company-wide culture of continuous improvement.

Using CMMi Model,

  • We link management and engineering activities to business objectives
  • We ensure visibility in the product life cycle and engineering activities to ensure that the process or service meets customer expectations
  • We help our organization incorporate lessons learnt from best practices (e.g., measurement, risk management) that aids in implementation of most robust high-maturity practices

How does CMMi Maturity Level 5 benefit our Customers?

  • More predictable projects
  • Better Traceability
  • Lower and falling variances on schedules
  • Reduced defect leakage
  • Improved Productivity
  • Stable and mature world-class processes


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