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Facilities & Infrastructure

BCT has a state-of-the-art Offshore Research and Integration Lab at Chennai, India and a Data Centre at Muscat, Oman. In today's digital world where economy and communication depend heavily on the Internet Infrastructure, we pride ourselves on having an extensive fault-tolerant data Centre and a CMMi® Maturity Level 5 Center of Excellence to provide world class IT product and services to its valued customers.

bahwan building


Infrastructure Stability

  • Building is constructed with high-strength reinforced concrete to withstand earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities
  • Architecture includes safeguards against Electromagnetic and Radio frequency radiations

Site and Access Security

  • Data Center has separate Electrical DB and two numbers for redundant
  • Data Center has Precision AC cooling system two numbers for Redundant
  • One side of the Data Center having concrete wall and other side having glass
  • Data Center doesn’t have window and have only one entrance glass door and have been restricted by Biometric Access control
  • Cross-zoned, multi-sensor detectors in overhead, below floor and over rack configuration, High Speed Smoke Detection
  • Fire Suppression with eco-friendly, zero residue and highly effective FE227 gas used
  • Data Center has 3 Feet Ceiling, 1 Feet Raised Flooring and Ramp
  • No water piping near by Data Center
  • All electrical wearing in data Center has been done inside the Wall
  • To All the Server Rack we have Redundant Power supply
  • Data Center inside is visible enough that no can hide inside

Data Center Security

  • Data Center is away from Visitor area
  • Data Center has Surveillance cameras and also all cameras in building can be monitored from same place
  • Three levels of electronic access security - Access card
  • Numeric code and Biometric Scanning
  • Data Center servers will be monitored by Engineers from user access area using Digital IP KVM Switch to cut down the Data Center usage

Data Safety

  • Fortinet 600C with forti analyzer 

Power Availability

  • Located on high stable, high voltage Tier I grids
  • 100% redundant UPS with battery backup
  • Facilities are also supported by 24 hour back-up diesel generators with full load capacity
  • Option of single-phase, three-phase power
  • Capable of handling very high power density equipment

Precision Controlled Environment

  • Precision-controlled humidity, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC), ensuring optimum performance and avoid equipment failure
  • Standard temperature variance: 22° C +/-1° C
  • Standard humidity variance: 50%RH +/-5%
  • Raised flooring for server halls to access data, power points and to channel airflow
  • Airflow management grille placed in one raw infront of all rack and equipment

Internet Bandwidth

  • 45 Mbps of Tata Link
  • Backed by 15Mbps of Tikona link RF backup

Online Storage

  • VMware setup on IBM blades to accommodate  more than 100 virtual servers
  • 5.4 TB of SAN storage on HP
  • HP autoloader to take care of tape backup

VC Facility

  • Multiparty VC equipment in Chennai connecting Muscat,Dubai,Boston and San Jose

24X7 Engineering and technical support

  • Skilled manpower across the platform both in hardware and software to deliver right and timely solution
  • Support available 24x7 to enable deployment of systems or help in addressing issues from hardware to software problems


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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.