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BCT Foundation

BCT Foundation - an initiative that takes up outreach programs

Community Service


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Initiative aimed at distributing food and healthy snacks for under-privileged children, especially children who are at the crucial stages of their preparations for their Class X and XII examinations. During this taxing period, we aim to provide children nutritious food to help them cope with the pressures of school final board examinations. BCT has adopted a Municipal School in Chennai for this initiative. We provide food that is hygienic and wholesome. The children, predominantly from the lower strata of society, find this highly helpful in rejuvenating their energy and enabling them to focus on the task on hand.

Conservation & Environment Protection

Green Earth

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BCT is firmly committed to making the earth a greener and a sustainable planet. BCT has contributed extensively towards numbering and labeling trees in the College of Engineering, Guindy, a large and green campus in the city of Chennai. We spread awareness in our sphere of influence on an eco-friendly way of life through regular mailers, contests and activities.


Beach Clean-up

Beach Clean Beach Clean2


BCTians also participate regularly in beach clean-up activities to help reduce pollution and clean the waters of Chennai.

Voluntary Health Services

Blood Donation Camps

Blood Donation Blood Donation2


BCT conducts blood donation camps and invites its associates to donate blood. The blood donation campaign is a part of BCT’s CSR initiative which it hopes will go to enrich the lives of the people and society at large. While this is a small step in our CSR Measures, we plan to come up with more initiatives that will bring about betterment in the lives of people. This initiative ensures uninterrupted supply of blood to this bank even during lean periods to save these critically ill.

BCT’s Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility




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We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.


We respect your privacy. We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or share your contact details with others.